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Year 5 is a challenging and exciting year as children move into the upper school and have more opportunities than ever before. It is an important year which prepares them for Year 6, so we expect children to work hard and make the most of the experiences on offer. 

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Term 1

Year 5 have been enjoying reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. We have been writing fantastic persuasive letters hoping to join Stoick the Vast’s prestigious Dragon Initiation Programme and exciting newspaper articles reporting on the young Vikings’ dangerous mission inside the dragon nursery. Year 5 have had a splashing time investigating water resistance by designing and testing which shape tin foil boats travel through water quicker. By exploring tone and shading techniques, we have been making objects look three dimensional and have sketched brilliant dragon eyes. In maths, we have been focussing on our written and mental methods for the four operations and have been developing our reasoning skills. We have been learning the features of ordinance survey maps in geography and the importance of a key and symbols. We have been practicing locating points of interest using six-figure grid references.​

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Here is a power point you may like to share with your child. It will help them to understand what Covid - 19 is and help them with their worries. Click below

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